Arrested in terms of the Regulations of the Disaster Management Act


Pay an admission of guilt fine (R500-R5000), HOWEVER this will leave you with a criminal record.  Therefore first carefully consider and obtain legal advice before paying an admission of guilt fine.

In serious cases, you may be arrested, escorted to police cells and taken to court, where the matter will be postponed for trial.  In these cases, no admission of guilt fine will be payable. 


You do not have to pay the admission of guilt fine in order to be released.  In the event that you challenge the alleged contravention and the subsequent fine, you must be issued with a notice and a return date to either pay the fine or appear in court.

The SAPS must still follow the normal procedures for lawful arrest and custody, otherwise it will leave them open for civil claims against them.

Always insist on contact with your attorney in terms of your rights in order to advise and assist you properly.