Movement of persons in terms of alert level 4 (Regulation 16)

    1. Perform an essential or permitted service, as allowed in Alert level 4;
    2. Go to work where a permit which corresponds with Form 2 of Annexure A to the new Regulations has been issued;
    3. Buy permitted goods;
    4. Obtain services that are allowed to operate as set out in Table 1 to the Regulations;
    5. Move children, as allowed in Regulation 17 of the new Regulations;
    6. Walk, run or cycle between the hours of 06H00 to 09H00 within 5 kilometre radius of their place of residence (provided that this is not done in organised groups).  Please also note that all public parks, sport grounds and sport fields, beaches and swimming pools are not allowed to be open during this level.  You may therefore not, for instance, play golf on your local golf course.
    1. For workers who have a permit to perform an essential or permitted service who have to commune to and from work on a daily basis;
    2. The attendance of a funeral, as allowed;
    3. The transportation of mortal remains; and
    4. For learners who have to commute to and from school or higher education institutions on a daily basis during periods when those institutions are permitted to operate.